Organizing guest bedroom

Agree that when we come to visit for a few days, it is much more pleasant to sleep in a separate room with a bed than on a folding couch. If you often have friends or relatives overnighting and your finances allow it, you should think about setting up a separate room for guests. Today we’ll tell you what to look for when designing a guest bedroom and show you our design options.

Balance between style and comfort

A guest room should combine both qualities. You should not neglect a beautiful interior just because the room is rarely used — it is still part of your home and reflects its style. Of course, the guest should also feel comfortable, so take care of the necessary little things that you yourself would appreciate as a guest. Ideally, the room should resemble a hotel room — it exudes a relaxing atmosphere and has everything you need for that. Without unnecessary details.

A few types of lighting

Another technique that is used in hotels. In addition to the overhead light, you should also think about table lamps on the sides of the bed — it’s convenient to create a dim light or, for example, if one of the guests decides to read a book. If the room has a window, be sure to hang curtains or blinds, because not everyone likes to wake up with the first rays of the sun.

Comfort items

Add details that will furnish the room. For example, a soft rug that will create a more comfortable environment or a suede banquette that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It can also be linens, quality and beautiful, that will make guests feel like they are on vacation.


Don’t forget that your guests will need somewhere to leave their belongings, so it’s a good idea to provide storage space. If your guests tend to stay for 1–2 days, a clothes rack is enough, but if your friends and family usually stay at your house for a long time, it makes sense to add a closet. Drawers and chests of drawers will never be superfluous in any case.

Bonus: guest bathroom

Some of our customers also asked for a separate guest bathroom so that everyone would be comfortable. These rooms, like the bedrooms, were certainly less luxurious and spacious than the master suite, but still stylish and cozy. Here we can think of the hotel again and recreate that atmosphere — bright interiors, large mirrors and spacious showers. Fresh towels and cozy bathrobes are a great addition.

Share in the comments, do you often host guests in your home? Have you ever considered creating a separate room for them?

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