New Premium Materials of 2021

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Sometimes a single glance is enough to verify that in front of you is a material so luxurious and rare, that it physically represents a culmination of authentic heritage and high-tech grinding techniques.

The new generation of premium materials has provided a unique opportunity for interior designers to reimagine the concept of luxury and experiment with rare materials.

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Breathe a new life into the concept of luxury

Innovation design allows you to get a personalized approach with a reinterpretation of the classics.

Project of the season by Studia 54 (

Expensive materials in the interior should not only look gorgeous in any interior, but also be functional, and improve the quality of life.

The most trendy materials are considered to be unique wood sorts that can withstand very high pressure and have unique shades (for example, ebony, lignum vitae, wenge, baya); porcelain and ceramic stoneware, natural stone and smart glass.

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, several Eastern countries — Japan, South Korea, Singapore, which were the first ones to implement new rules of living — got into the spotlight. Many designers are now getting their inspiration from oriental art.

Exquisite apartment in Singapore (

1. Unique materials

The technology of metal coating using the lightest compounds (for example, polyurethane foam and silver nitrate, catalyzed paints) is gaining more and more recognition among manufacturers. It allows to create unrealistic surfaces and increase the metal durability. For example, the Italian premium manufacturer De Castelli works on a whole range of innovative coatings: brass, copper, iron, aluminium and stainless steel go through a chain of chemical reactions.

In one of our projects — terraced apartment in the “Privilegia” residential complex — in a large living room, we used an unusual green ceramic stoneware Mascalzone, which will retain its amazing original appearance for a long period of time. The accent wall was covered with 3D alabaster panels.

Fancy Mascalzone ceramic granite (left); 3D alabaster panels (right)
Contrast Italian ceramic granite ABK

2. Leather as a finishing material

Premium leather furniture is no longer a “wow”. How about using leather for as a wall decorative material? We sure say “yes”!

By the way, natural leather is a durable, wear-resistant and soundproof material, and it will sure add a touch of elegant sophistication to the interior.

Cattelan Italia sideboard, Porta Romana lamps

3. Wood as piece of art

Natural shades of wood will provide the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. In furniture production, very expensive types of wood such as amaranth, rosewood, ebony, African ebony, and sandalwood are gaining extreme popularity. They all have the incredible ability to retain their pleasant smell, strength and unique color.

4. Natural stone

Onyx is a substitute of marble and one of the most beautiful finishing materials. The whimsical colors of onyx and its fairytale pattern make it a perfect finishing stone in any kind of interior.

Master bedroom (exclusive villa in Morocco)
Master bathroom in the project of residence near Moscow (

Jasper stone was used as a flooring material.

5.Mirror surfaces

A mirror is one of the most essential parts of any home interior. However, it could not only serve as a multi-purpose tool, but also become an effective design tool in case you want to bring stunning creative ideas to life.

Tom Dixton chandelier

All our projects are embodiments of the owner’s lifestyle and they have no analogues.

Combining our unique stylistics with the latest design solutions, we make dreams come true.

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