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Studia-54 is a world-known interior design studio based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. As a multi-disciplinary studio, we specialise in luxury residential interiors, commercial interiors and architectural design.

From London to New York, from Singapore to Rio De Janeiro, over the years we have created unique projects, developing our unique stylistic approach, and our geography is constantly growing in scope.

Our Mission

We work to become the best international design and architecture studio. As we have gathered the best specialists in our team, we turn your dreams into reality in our unique style. On a daily basis, we accomplish new goals as a part of our business culture, creating a comfortable environment for your life and business.

We acquire both inspiration and experience from international specialised exhibitions and professional niche events. We communicate in person with exclusive furniture brand representatives and often use furniture made according to our individual sketches in the majority of our projects.

We meet the aesthetic needs of our clients by offering a unique customer approach and high-class service. While taking care of all the details, we providing the opportunity to stay in trend and make your life better and more beautiful.

Our success is determined by our exclusivity, quality service, and a responsible teamwork approach that is a collaborative effort of our entire team of like-minded people with shared values.

Our Services

Design-project is the embodiment of your ideas, wishes and requirements for the design of any unique space.

It is not only a visualization of your ideas about the future appearance of a house or an apartment but also a detailed selection of the required finishing materials, furniture, lighting scenarios, as well as the creation of drawings and schemes according to which construction work will be carried out. You will receive several layouts to choose from, alongside with visualization and a spherical 3D panorama of the area, detailed working documentation, and specification with all item codes and applications.

Premium residential interiors and architectural design

Villa in Morocco (left); Apartment in Singapore (right)

It is a priority for a functional interior filling to demonstrate rationality in planning and redesigning the space according to the customer needs.

Each family is unique, so it means that every member has his own needs, social rhythm and lifestyle pace, hence why the space planning will be performed, taking into consideration each member’s individuality.

Dining room and master-bathroom in Penza, Russia

We create interior design projects all over the world and are very proud that people from different continents and countries trust us with the creation of their coziness and comfort.

Commercial design

We also do commercial interior design. It is the interior that is responsible for making the first impression that would eventually become a foundation for the success of projects like restaurants, hotels, boutiques, beauty salons, or business spaces.

Restaurant “Gods” in Saint-Petersburg (left); Bar lounge in the restaurant in Saint-Petersburg (right)
Winter garden in a house in Penza, Russia

Combining our unique stylistics with the latest design solutions, we make dreams come true.

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